Overdrive: Tri-Test: Kia Sportage; Toyota Yaris; Audi A5 cabriolet; plus Old Razorback Road

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  1. Federal Government’s push for Future Technologies (1:49)
  2. Crashtag – Innovative new app to boost motorsport safety (2:53)
  3. Mini Australia introduces all-inclusive EV ownership experience with new dynamic mobility package for new electric hatch (2:56)
  4. New Range Rover velar featuring pioneering new technology and mild-hybrid electrification (4:52)
  5. Covid-19: UK town of Slough to launch ‘safety-first’ e-scooter trial (5:53)


Our latest trip to a historic place in road test cars was to Picton with three very different models. Fred Brain gives us a run down (7:00)


  • Our favourite 82-year-old historian gives us her feelings about what she doesn’t like with modern cars (13:47)


COVID has given us the motive to consider major changes to transport – but while we have to move quickly, are we giving enough attention to how we should go. We hear why Ken Dobinson says we are not. (16:55)


And in quirky news, Brian Smith and I hear of a car jacker who weapon of choice was the bible. (23:26)

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Originally broadcast 26 September 2020

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