Overdrive: Volkswagen Sales; Jaguar’s better seat; DeLorean’s back?; BMW update; Why Kia is booming

Hello and welcome to Overdrive where we climb the hills, tackle the bends and endure the potholes of issues to do with motoring and transport.

  1. Volkswagen leads in global sales (1:25)
  2. Jaguar Land Rover’s better seat (2:22)
  3. DeLorean comeback (3:26)
  4. Honk more, wait more (4:26)
  5. Sustainable transport – Carrots and sticks (5:10)
  6. We hear from BMW about their latest update you can get over the internet (6:52)
  7. We have an interview with Damien Meredith from Kia on what is different in buyers minds now from the past and (11:52)
  8. We have a chat with Brian smith on making people movers look less ugly (17:14)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 8 February 2020

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