Overdrive: Genesis reborn; ULEV emission zone; Snow trips; Lies, damned lies and autonomous vehicles

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I’m David Brown

In this program we have:

News stories

  1. London EV demand ‘rising’ since ULEZ intro, says Carwow (1:27)
  2. Genesis Opens Doors On First Australian Flagship Studio in Sydney (2:39)
  3. Names of automated-driving systems mislead motorists Prof Currie (3:37)
  4. Competition will explore new ways to move people around Detroit (4:42)
  5. Is there a better way to regulate peer-to-peer car sharing? (5:44)
  6. Korean automakers rank highest in latest JD Power quality survey (6:48)
  7. We have the third instalment in Rob Fraser’s preparing for traveling to the snow (10:09)
  8. And a great interview with Professor Graham Currie about Lie, Damned lies and Autonomous vehicles (17:21)
  9. There are five motoring minutes
  • Honda HRV (8:06)
  • The Toyota Fortuner Crusader (8:58)
  • The Infinti QX 80 (15:04)
  • Genesis and reliability (26:12)
  • People being mislead by car feature names (16:32)


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So, let’s start with the news


Originally broadcast 29 June 2019

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