Rauno Aaltonen – The full interview on life, rallying, racing, and driver training

Finland’s celebrated motor sport driver, Rauno Aaltonen, won many events and along with local Australia hero Bob Holden, in 1966 finished first in our famous touring car race at Bathurst’s Mt Panorama, in a tiny Mini Cooper S.

I recorded a chat with him for the “Overdrive – Cars, Transport and Culture” radio and podcast program – we chatted for over an hour. His range of subjects include:

Rauno is now 83 years old, still has an international racing licence and remains thoughtful and crystal clear about the right approach to racing and to life.

This is the full interview but below are selected highlights.

Selected segments

Using Bob Holden’s efforts and soft tyres to win Bathurst in 1966

Learning a circuit and rally versus race driving

Early experience in Boats & motorcycles helped touch bumper bars on Conrod straight

He invented left foot braking – he tells the benefits and changing style on the track

To win Bathurst Bob Holden was an equal partner – they thought alike

Facing adversity and driver training – it’s all about the right attitude

Racing and rallying partnerships – got help from a professor of communications!

The driving skills he used to deal with young people throwing rocks at the vehicle

He led briefly near the end but why he didn’t win the London to Sydney Marathon

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