Subaru WRX/STI – One livable, one very fast

The Subaru Impreza WRX – affectionately known as the REX – was first launched in 1992.

It was a rally bred, all-wheel-drive, turbo charged pocket rocket sedan

We are now up to the fourth generation of the Impreza vehicle.

Overdrive has already bought you a story on our initial response to the launch of the new Subaru WRX/STI.

But two questions.  How is the WRX and how does the STI go over a week in a variety of traffic conditions not just a quick blatt around a race course.

Who better than to ask but Brent Davison from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury

  • Image leader for Subaru
  • Axed the hatch – I never thought they looked the part
  • CVT transmission – instead of having stepped gears you have cones that allows a drive chain to move up and down the cone to select the best gear ratio.
  • Reduced engine size (but gained a few kilowatts)
  • There a specialist car.  If you were a salesman you would want to have turnover of stock. Selling around the same number this year as the Ford Mondeo, the Flacon ute.  Selling more than the Renault Clio, Lexus IS, Honda Accord.  They are not comparable cars but it is an indication of how well the cars are selling.

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