Hyundai i30: Can sedans make a comeback based on style?

When car companies have a sedan and a hatchback, they’re often very similar, certainly at the front and the sedan is often just a fairly pedestrian sort of vehicle at the back. Now, it’s just been driving some of the Hyundai’s i30s a very successful little car in the small car category, along with things like Corollas.

Now, the hatchback, it’s been in here for a few years, looks fine and went well. But then, as I was about to swap to the sedan, and it looked just so different.


Bill Thomas is the general manager of Hyundai’s public relations.

Subjects covered include:

  • The sedan and hatch are different models altogether (0:52)
  • The design style for the sedan “sensuous sportiness”
  • The evolution of sedan style (3:21)
  • What is the split between sedans and hatchbacks (5:03)
  • The dashboard in the sedan is digital – how are the customers responding (7:33)
  • Being upfront about what the automatic emergency braking will and will not do (8:23)

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