Overdrive: Ford Smells; Mao & Hongqi; Elegant Bridges; Mini Corona: Tactical Urbanism; Brussels’ ban

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  1. Ford Patents App That Checks for Bad-Smells in a car (1:32)
  2. Mao’s favourite ride Hongqi to build an electric sports car with investor Silk (2:21)
  3. Cars Not Welcome In Europe’s Cities When Lockdowns End (3:20)
  4. New Zealand First Country To Fund Pop-Up Bike Lanes, Widen Sidewalks During Lockdown (4:13)
  5. Coronavirus pushes Mini to rename its EV’s funky wheels (5:12)


  1. We reminisce about elegant road bridge designs (6:20)
  2. And we discuss how the market for classic cars is going in this COVD-19 environment (13:59)

Quirky News

  • And Brian Smith reflects on on-going changes to travel (20:56)

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Originally broadcast 2 May 2020

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