Overdrive: News; Real life fuel tests; Electric Share scooters; Mini Convertible; Pokemon Go

Overdrive: News: Vehicle emissions AAA puts top sellers to real-world tests, ‘Show and tell’ from Mercedes, Australian student engineers develop high-speed travel pod system, Electric vehicle charge points to outnumber petrol stations by 2020, say Nissan, Bosch launches shared mobility electric scooter service in Berlin, China’s futuristic new ‘straddling bus’ takes to the streets.

We road test the Mini Convertible.

In our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith we take a light-hearted look at stories including:

Most complained-about toilets on Melbourne train network get welcome revamp, Fed-up council seeks to take down Pokémon Go stops, The UK rail network is rubbish because Churchill’s advisor thought we’d all be commuting by air by now.

Originally aired on 13 August 2016. For past programs and individual segments visit

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