Overdrive Program – V2V technology, Smart Watch, Uber


Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that contemplates issues related to cars and transport.

I’m David Brown

This program and extended segments of the feature interview, road test and panel discussion are also available on the website.

In this program we look at news stories from around the world including:

  1. Transportation guru sceptical about V2V technology
  2. Road safety group warns of dangers from ‘smart watch’ use
  3. Huge surge in Uber sign-ups following German ban
  4. UK Government aims to ‘democratize’ parking
  5. A Basic Shelter Can Make the Wait for the Bus Feel Shorter
  6. Ant venom opens the door to emission-free transport


We have two road test this week.  Tim O’Brien from the talks about the Holden Barina RS

And Brent Davison discusses the Kia Sportage.

And in our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith

  1. Drink laws spoil carnival
  2. Handmade cardboard licence plate doesn’t fool cops
  3. Novelty hearses popular in Northern Ireland

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