Overdrive: Trump worries; too many trucks; Hyundai i30; Kia Picanto; Quirky news

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Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that canvases issues related to cars and transport.

And in this program, we take a look at the latest news stories including:

  1. Critics fear Trump will tap auto exec for NHTSA
  2. Cities facing impacts of e-commerce boom
  3. Volvo education research foundation backs vital transport research with multimillion dollar grant
  4. Is it road architecture or a fashion show?
  5. Contradictory policies highlight lack of cohesive approach to the auto sector: Emery


Two new Korea cars launched this week and we test them both.

The new Hyundai i30. One of the top selling cars in Australia

And the Kia Picanto – It was new on our market a year ago with a rather outdated model but it still did well.  Now it is more up-to-date.

And in our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith we take a light-hearted look at stories including:

  1. How did a road authority appeal to the public at the 1969 Easter Show?
  2. Train passenger’s reusable mug refused over ‘risk assessment’
  3. This Boeing 727, stuck in the woods, is actually somebody’s house
  4. Boy, 12, arrested on solo drive from NSW to Perth ‘had crash, took fuel’ (and drove 1300km, though it’s not clear why)


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Now to begin the program let’s have the news.

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